Dream Home Wishlist

I love houses. Not really going out on a limb by saying that, I know, but it’s a big part of my life. Everything about houses fascinate me. I love abandoned houses, small houses in the city, large converted barns, Brooklyn brownstones, and many more. I’m always looking at houses wherever I am, and looking at houses online is my #1 hobby.

I really do think that houses with character are the greatest kinds of houses. I dream about finding an old home and restoring it, taking years to make it just right. And of course, I have a dream home wishlist. I go through houzz.com and just sigh deeply. Here are some things I will have in my home one day, I promise. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the original details of the home, obvs.

Bookshelf Ladder

Maybe it’s because of Beauty and the Beast, but I’ve always wanted a ladder to glide across my floor to ceiling bookshelves.

Yeah. I blame Disney.
Private Patio
Lately I’ve found myself coveting a small, cozy back patio. Something comfy and inviting, with lots of greenery and seating.
I’m really drawn to these private yards, regardless of whether they’re modern, rustic, or whatever.
Reading Space
I really want a place to read. I have such a hard time not falling asleep if I read on my bed, and I can never get comfortable just sitting in a chair. I would love some kind of nook, just a little bed or window seat where I could get comfortable.
What are you dream home essentials? Let me know! Or let me know if you’ve actually have a dream about a room, because I just did. And I must have it IRL.

Summer Hair (and a smidge of makeup)

I don’t want to talk about how long ago my last post was. Wah wah wah.

Anyway, I had an audition this morning and had to do my hair and makeup all fancy like. While it looked pretty nice, it made me realize how I really need some summer hair and makeup ideas floatin’ around in my brain. I live in Georgia, which is basically like living in Satan’s sauna. So I browsed and found some of my faves. 


braid, braids, fishtail braid, hair

the wave-and-braids combo




Fishtail Braid for High Ponytail: Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

This summers hair

Dress up your bun!



jalouse april 2014 thylane blondeau by stian foss 16



Pinks  #beauty

Scarf head wrap


wave it out


loosely-tied braids


bright matte lip


I’m in love with bright lips for summer. And the glossy skin? To die for. Now, who knows how to do glossy skin without looking like you rubbed some pizza oil on your face?

Masters of Style – Virginia

Finally, my queen.  Virginia Johnson is a single mom, former night club singer, and sex enjoyer. She helps Dr. Masters with all the research, and she’s all around super great. While Libby’s clothes are lighter and flowier, and very classically feminine. Ginny is very feminine as well, but in a much sexier and darker sort of way.

Virginia mostly wears perfectly fitted skirts and dresses.

I love that silk robe. It’s sexy and feminine and everything that Virginia is.


Good ol’ Ginny wears a lot of red and black. Passion, people. The red shirt shows that she’s passionate.

I’m so obsessed with this dress. I want it. I’ll wear it grocery shopping.

So that’s Virginia Johnson. Mother, lover, research assistant.


I want this show to come back on, please.

Masters of Style – Libby

Libby Breakdown. I actually was going to post just once, but I started getting pictures and decided these ladies each needed their own post. So this is part two, and Virginia will be part three.

Libby is Dr. Master’s wife, and her only wish is to have a child. She fits the profile of the perfect fifties housewife- she’s beautiful, kind, and ready to make a drink for her husband.

Libby is usually dressed in lighter colors, although she does sometimes stray with a more saturated green, but I have never seen her in a fitted sheath dress, as far as I can remember. Her look is typically fitted at the waist with a flouncing skirt.

Her makeup is very light and neutral, which makes her look even more angelic. She’s killing that head scarf. Get it, girl.

Her hair is wonderfully polished. All the time.



This outfit is my favorite Libby outfit, and it actually reminds me a lot of Virginia.


Ah, sweet Libby. I love the friendship between her and Virginia. Poor girl has been through a lot.


Up next, Virginia.






Masters of Style

Masters of Sex! I just finished the first season yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. It took me an embarrassingly short amount of time to finished the season. Whoops. But it’s starting up again soon and I’m very excited! Mostly because of how the last episode ended, but ALSO because of the style! The clothes, hair, makeup, and set are all flawless. I’m so in love. I was going to do one post, but it started to get really, really long and I decided to split it up. Libby, Virginia, and everyone else.

Here’s everyone else.

I love the brooch, but I’m really scoping out that lamp in the background.

This is in Virginia’s home, and it’s one of my favorite shots of the show. I’m so beyond obsessed with that rug.

I’m also obsessed with that copper oven. I want to have it roped off, sculpture.

A great shot of the secretary arena. I really love Jane’s watch. Jane’s the one in yellow, just by the way. I love her bright blonde hair and bright red lipstick.

Another shot of Virginia’s house. I really love the entire design of her home. That stained glass? I’m drooling.

This show feels the most authentic, time wise. I’m not really sure why. Maybe Jane truly looks like a Hitchcock girl to me? Do I really need to comment on all of these? Maybe when I actually have something to say.

( I need this wallpaper in my life.)

Shout out to my girl Annaleigh Ashford! Kinky Boots! Hurrah!

I’m looking through all these pictures and I’m finding so many details that I love, like Betty’s shoes and the lamp in the picture above.

I’m going to post the next two posts very soon. Like, probably in about twenty minutes. I like to go a few weeks without posting anything and then posting three posts with no original content, just pretty pictures of a pretty show.


(I grabbed these from the Showtime site, just by the way.)


Shameless Self Promotion

So I like to draw. I’m not super great, but I love to do it. And I decided to use my television obsession to my advantage and actually make something. So I did! I started a society6.com store and posted two of my drawings! Fun times!




I’m really excited about this! I plan on adding lots more, so stay tuned!

Super Fashion Hair



So you know how you see those pictures on pinterest or whatever, and the model has the perfectly messy, super cool braid around her head? And you say to yourself, I can totally do that? And then you realize you really, really can’t? I go through that daily. But I think I can kinda fake it, and I figured I would teach you how. Luckily, I’m even worse at photography than I am at braiding hair! So not only are the instructions mediocre, the photos are blurry! Lucky you, dear reader!





Start with unbrushed, wavy hair. I think braids look best when they’re messy, and when your hair is perfectly sleek the IDGAF look goes out the window. I just put a little serum on the ends and then let it air dry.



This is where pictures start to get a little blurry, y’all.Image

Pick a few pieces of hair to hang around your face. Strands of hair around your face lets everyone know that you are a super cool, relaxed, and naturally stylish person.



Split your hair in half. Decide it’s best not to think about how jacked up your hairline is.



Start braiding from the bottom of your hair. I’m sure that has a technical term. Let’s just stick with bottom. I did a dutch braid, because I don’t know how to french braid. I thought I did, until I realized that I have only ever done a dutch braid. How do you french braid?



Braid your hair until you run out. Don’t worry about little pieces sticking it. They just add to your cool-girl vibe.



Tie off your braid with an elastic, then see where you stopped dutching the braid. Does that make any sense? Knowing where you stopped adding hair into the braid will make it easier for you to get your braids a little more symmetrical.



Pick which braid look shittier, then pin that one up first. The better looking braid will go in front of the ugly one. Life is just one big beauty contest.  Also, you will give yourself awesome forehead wrinkles while trying to do this. You can rock ‘em.



Pin up the better braid. Marvel at its beauty. Then pin any pieces of hair that look out of place or weird. If a braid looks funky, you can usually fix it with a bobby pin. Don’t just start again. Believe in your braid.




ROCK YOUR BRAID. You can tuck the strands of hair behind your ears, leave them down, just whatever you want. Remember, imperfections show the world that you’re too busy and fabulous to spend time perfecting a halo braid. Also, choose which side of your hair looks better and insist that you can only be photographed from that side.


I hope somebody out there finds this mildly helpful. I’m using the whole ‘this is my first hair tutorial’ thing to excuse the mediocrity of the photos, the instructions, the awkward posing,  and the bad photo shopping I did to my skin. I’ll get better at doing stuff, I promise!



Sandals. Gotta love ‘em. Actually, you don’t gotta. If you’re like me, you paint your toenails once and then let them chip away for weeks, leaving them patchy and chipped. So when you wear sandals, everyone knows your shame. I don’t really know why I’m telling you about the state of my toenails, but it seemed like a really great idea at the time I started typing this (about 40 seconds ago). Anyway, sandals. Kind of a necessity for southern summers, and I would like to get a new pair.


I don’t really love flip-flops, so those are out. And I’m not into any sandals with rhinestones or glitter on them. Just my personal preference, but that does cut out a hefty amount of sandals on the market. And I don’t need another black pair of shoes. So let’s go with…. neutrals! And metallics!


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

I really love the sandals that are popular and trendy right now. The thick straps, metal hardware, all of it. I’m super into it, y’all.

I was hesitant to put those Birkenstocks on this list. I like them on the bloggers I see wearing them. But they all happen to be leggy and effortlessly cool. I am neither of those things, but they do have some nostalgic value. In fifth grade, Birkenstocks were kind of the It Shoe. Everybody was wearin’ em. As a recent new kid, I was desperate to cling to what people seemed to like, so I got a pair. And those thing were wonderfully comfortable. Until you accidentally stepped on the back with the arch of your foot.

I can still feel the pain.

Summer shoes! Hooray! Someone please buy me a pair. I promise I’ll keep my toenails painted.*

*I really can’t promise that.

Winter Is Coming

Okay, not really. But I’ve finally gotten around to watching Game of Thrones and I felt it was necessary to make that reference. (And I may be on season two, but I already know about the Red Wedding, so don’t even try to fuck with me). Winter is not coming, but spring is. And I’m not too happy about it, but I’ve spent enough time whining on this blog about the warmth.  So I’m trying to get excited my planning some wardrobe changes!


My closet is stuffed with many dresses that I bought in high school that really don’t appeal to my personal style anymore. But I’m not one to just throw something away! So I think it’s time for a little tailor planning. (I’m my own tailor. And my sloppy work just goes to show ya that I don’t have a future in tailoring.




So this dress is from Delia’s years ago. I actually don’t mind the style on it’s own, but it doesn’t look great on me. It just elongates my torso and shortens my legs. But I’ve actually been thinking about this dress for a few days, and I’m gonna crop top it!



The skirt on my dress is obviously fuller than this one, but I am still hoping that it will turn out pretty cyoot!



This is one of the dresses from the Jason Wu/Target collab that I actually picked up at Goodwill. I never grabbed anything from the collection while it was in stores, so I grabbed this without a second thought. But it’s too big on me. I still love it though! And I love the little detail on the shoulder.



So I’m planning to do something like this!

JF & Son fall 2012

Not separates, though. And I’m thinking of starting the sheer fabric after the shoulder detail and ending at the waist seam.


I actually still love this Forever 21 dress. It’s a nice jersey dress, and it’s the only thing I own in this color. But I’ve worn it to death. I just want something new.

I’m thinking about an applique in a contrasting color! Hopefully I’ll find a dress or skirt at a thrift store that will be perfect.



Okay, so I have an idea for this, but I have no inspiration picture. Sorry. I know not seeing another picture will just ruin your day. Anyway, I want to turn this into a light, spring jacket. Add a long sleeve in a different fabric, get rid of the faux-slip attached to the dress, and maybe add a heavy exposed zipper or some more substantial buttons. I got plans, you guys!


The rest of the dresses are terribly wrinkled, and I’m very sorry for that. They’ve been in my spring clothes giant Tupperware container and I just pulled them out to take these pictures. This is a BB Dakota dress that I grabbed at a consignment store in Atlanta. I love it, but it’s pretty damn short. I want to do something to lengthen the hem.


The pattern is so sweet. I just wanted to take a closeup of it.


This is another dress that’s not actually my size. I got it at American Eagle for super cheap. I always just belted it and wore a sweater over it, but I want to something to it.


Maybe something like this? Play with the straps, the neckline, etc.

IMG_20140326_163937 IMG_20140326_163945

Another Forever 21 dress. The first picture is much more color accurate, just FYI. But I love the back closure on the dress. So I want to do something that mimics it somewhere else.

Marc Bohan for Christian Dior, c. 1966

This Dior dress is in a museum, and it feels a little silly to compare this to my $12 dress. But just focus on the neck line, and the cutouts! I want to do something a little similar to it.

So those are my plans for my old clothes! Anyone else planning on redoing their clothes? And who wants to take bets on how many of these dresses I actually end up changing?

But I Don’t Want It To Warm Up!

I guess it’s spring time, or something. I can’t say I’m thrilled about it. I’m a winter girl, through and through. What am I supposed to do when it gets too hot for jackets? I need my jackets. They are my security blankets and I am not ready to give them up.

Cami NYC

6th July 2013



I’m now seriously craving a silk trench coat to just belt and go. A good way to cling to the comfort of a jacket!

I’ll try my hardest to get excited about spring, okay? But for today, I’m not taking off my fleece robe. You can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

That was a bad way to end a post. Whoops. Anyone else struggling to let go of winter? Or are you all normal and are tired of the cold?

(Psssst- click the pictures to go to where I found ‘em.)